Some lyrics hold true…

"Champagne caviar hot boys at the bar looking at me, yeah their looking at me. I Was TruE to YoU JUSTIFY MY POINT OF VIEW.. looking at me yeah their looking at me…"

Bridge -

"Controversy is like a ticking time bomb / Controversy is all they want / Please believe that’s not what I spend my time on / Controversy is all they want" ~~~ BS & MB

lyrics from “look who’s talking now”

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Good news… Bad news…

Good news... out of all the artists I’ve worked with Britney has the best fans ever!!!!! With all the outpouring of love no wonder she continues to be such a great success and inspiration!! 

I’m personally overwhelmed by the response to these snippets because I was devastated when that album didn’t come out.  (Btw, those original doll album covers you tweeted me are ALL brilliant!)

Bad news... we gotta enjoy this as much as we can because I can’t post anymore songs. I’ve been asked to stop. I can’t make this album come out and I can’t release the songs. I don’t have the power to do that. I wish I could.
However all of you can make a difference. If I had to chose I wish she’d release “Take Off”  it’s my absolute favorite. The lyrics are meaningful and of course the beat is unbelievably good!! It’s produced by Bloodshy & Avant.

Honestly I don’t know what happened with the album. I’m just a writer, producer and a fan.

The one thing I do know about great songs is that they will always find a way to the public but I have to respect the way things are done in the music business and let the songs go through the proper channels. Meaning the artist or the record label has to put it out!!!!

I’ve been true to myself by sharing what I could. As you can hear, Peep Show and Money Love & Happiness are unfinished ideas. I was honored to do this work and I respect everyone who I worked with on each song. These songs mean just as much to us (the writers and producers) as they do to you.

Thanks for the awesome feedback! But before I go... one more post..


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ML&H… Until then..

Hi Michelle, first of all thanks for all the snippets and the story behind "MLH" and "Peep Show". I was wondering what has it been like on the other hand for you and Britney to work with Bloodshy & Avant. Are you still in touch with Christian and Pontus? And do you have any memories to tell about the tracks that came out during that session, like "Look Who's Talking Now" and "Chaotic"?

hi, the sessions with pontus and christian were incredibly fun! i love every song i ever wrote with them.. my favorite song with them and britney is “take off” it’s like organic electronic dance.

look who’s talking now… i think that was the first day with bloodshy and avant, that was an interesting session. i’m glad i was there. i drank too much starbucks but other than that it was great.
she and i wrote songs from every emotion, love and heartbreak, dreams and hopes, fun and whatever..
thanks for asking. ~

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Hello :) Thank you for the snippets! Still following you on twitter ahaha <3 is there any chance we'll have full songs soon? Just wondering. Thanks again much appreciated! Did Britney have any song writing credits on these songs? They're awesome and I hope she works with you again sometime! What was she like? SORRY for all of my questions haha I'm just so curious. She always had complements about how her voice in the studio, how underestimated she is and things so I was just wondering the truth?

yes! she’s talented. she played piano and sang for me. i thought she was great. seemed like she also loved being a great actress, a chameleon when she sang. She liked playing a character in each song and she found a way to bring it out.

Could you leak both songs in full?? THANK YOU!!

i would love to put them all up and share the stories behind them if i could. they’re all so different. it was a great time.

Please leak something in FULL, I love $<3:) and Peep Show

:) soooo glad you love them! thanks!